Soul2SoleBounceFitness offers Kangoo Jumps® Fitness Programs. DO YOU WANT THAT BOUNCE? OF COURSE YOU DO!!


Class Schedule

Burn w/Verne!

Group Bounce Fitness



Philadelphia Location

Bodies In Motion Performing Arts and Dance School, 1000 Diamond St, #108

Monday’s @ 7:00 pm



Please arrive at least 20 min. prior to the start of class to complete waivers and get “booted”!

Pre-registration required! (sneaker size & approximate weight needed for boot rentals )

Women  S (5.5-8) | M (8.5-10) | L (10.5-12) | XL (12.5+)

Men S (5- 7) | M (7.5-9) | L (9.5-11.5) | XL (12-15)



Burn w/Verne! 30 Minute Full Body Blast (Virtual)

“No Boots”


Monday, Wednesday, Friday
7:00 am -7:30 am


Are you ready for 30-minutes of high energy, fun, and effective fat burning work? We combine your strength and cardio sessions that burn major calories and build lean muscle.

Pre-registration required!



30 Minute Burn w/Verne! Chair Workout (Virtual)


Tuesday, Thursday
7:00 am -7:30 am


Just because it’s seated doesn’t mean you won’t sweat! Our 30-minute Burn w/Verne Chair Workouts are a good option for those with injuries, back pain or mobility concerns. 

Pre-registration required 



Contact us to find out how we can bring a Burn w/Verne! experience to you.

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