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Meet Verne!

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Owner & CEO of Soul2SoleBounceFitness, LLC

I help women (and a few good men) achieve their personal fitness goals.

Hi I’m Verne!
OWNER & CEO OF Soul2SoleBounceFitness,  LLC

Welcome to Soul2SoleBounceFitness and I am Verne, your enthusiastic wellness advocate! I am a military veteran and no stranger to incorporating the healthy tenets of exercise as a consistent part of my lifestyle.  Yet, it would be a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism more than 10 years ago that forced me to become more intentional with a consistent fitness regimen and incorporate techniques that could help me live my best FIT life!

In 2017, I was introduced to Black Girls Run (BGR), a national running group created to encourage and motivate underrepresented women to practice a healthy lifestyle. The solidarity, encouragement and support of the BGR community impacted me greatly, and to date, I’ve run 2 half-marathons, and a host of other timed distance races. As an established runner, I was comfortable with my fitness regimen, however, I wanted something more. I attended my first Kangoo Dance™ class and immediately fell in love. After trying many different exercise formats, this was the one that was the most fun and versatile program that worked for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to help others feel good in their bodies and be able to  bring FUN back into fitness for anyone, any body-type, and any fitness level!

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I am a nationally accredited Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in addition to being a licensed instructor in three formats of Kangoo Jumps®; Kangoo Power™️, Kangoo Dance™️, and Kangoo BootCamp™️!

Verne! is a TRAVELING fitness instructor, offering the Kangoo Jumps® classes, using the Kangoo Jumps® rebound boots. This exercise format is highly exhilarating and intense, yet a joint-friendly workout that is highly motivating.

Soul2SoleBounceFitness is committed to the health and well-being of the community and educating individuals about the benefits of the Kangoo Jumps® exercise format. I leverage my role as the Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Campus Engagement at a local university as a means of connecting with people to effect change.


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